Thursday, April 3, 2014

San Diego

San Diego was so beautiful.  The people were laid back and friendly and the weather was lovely.  So, when do I move you ask?  Ha, that's what I thought too! ;)

Sand castle art on beach in front of historic Hotel de Coronado

Walking along the Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach Pier

San Diego zoo, looking contemplative...

Sleep panda

Red pandas!

Sea kelp methinks?  This was a the pebbled and peaceful Moonlight State Beach

April and I posing on the pier

Jill and I finally find each other at the gigantic NAEA convention...nice to see familiar and friendly faces!

NAEA circle paintings in lobby


I was skeptical about going to Legoland outside of San Diego, but John really wanted to go so I agreed.  It was totally worth the high ticket price.  The rides are definitely geared more towards kids, but the entire park is filled with amazing lego wonders that makes the in between walking and line waiting worth it.  Super cool.  The best part was seeing of the goo-goo eyed, awe-filled kids and hearing all of their exclamations! Uterus twitch, let's have kids soon! Ha!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Los Angeles, California

John and I spend Spring Break 2014 in California.  It was my first time attending the NAEA (National Art Education Associaion) convention which took place towards the end of spring break in San Diego, we decided to check out L.A. and Joshua Tee National Park too!

Hollywood sign from up in the hills at the observatory.  Cloudy day.

Roy Choi's Koji food truck! Korean BBQ tacos, so good!

Succulents at the Getty

We got to see a "Doug Loves Movies" podcast at the U.C.B. theatre...and had a legitimate star sighting on our way out (Giovanni Ribisi).