Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wine Cork Jewelry and Succulent Mini Magnets

I've had a growing collection of wine corks sitting around the house for quite some time and decided to try out a couple of crafts that I had seen others post on various blogs in the past.

First I made some succulent mini planters by hollowing out the center of the cork about 2/3 the way down with a regular steak knife. (If you try this,  proceed with caution).

Then I added a tiny bit of sand, pearlite, and dirt. Then I placed a small succulent in carefully and topped it off with a little more of the soil mixture.

Lastly, glue a magnet to the back and enjoy!

The next craft I made were some wine cork charm pendants. I started by twisting eye hook screws at the top and bottom of the wine corks. 

Then I rummaged through my jewelry findings, beads, and charms and attached a variety of items either directly to the eye hook with jump rings or with a varying length of chain to mix up the length of the charms.

This is one that I made for my friend Amber. I made us matching ones for our upcoming travels through New Mexico and Colorado. The most fun I had with this project was using the various charms to tell a story.

This 2 faced charm with a key dangling from it means to always listen to your inner, higher, true self above your ego. This is your key to happiness.

The jar is empty now, but can be filled during our trip with spices, cornmeal (an important symbol in Native American Pueblo culture), or even with dirt from a special location or hiking trail. The glass bead of a chile that hangs from the top of the bottle represents New Mexican culture and cuisine and reminds you to "spice up your life!"

The mini book represents how everyone has a story to tell and that you, no one else, hold the pen that empowers you to "write" or create the life you want to live.  I wholeheartedly feel that one of the highest functions we have as human beings is to tell our story, feel that our voice is heard and to become more compassionate by really listening and hearing the story of others. (The book is small and filled with tiny blank our story is not finished. I wonder what will fill the pages of the books?)

The bells create a light jingle reminding you to listen to the song in your heart. Music is so powerful.