Friday, January 14, 2011

Felted Soap Scrubs

I had heard of these super cool "felted" soap scrubs a couple of years ago and sure enough saw them popping up in such stores such as Anthropologie and various hippie-esque stores last year. So, during my crafting extravaganza this winter, I decided to try my hand at making some!

I picked up some square soaps from World Market in two scents (Ginger Lime and Lavender Vanilla). I purchased some beautiful hand dyed wool from JunePryceFiberArt's etsy shop. Then I sifted through tutorials of how to felt the wool around the soap to create a soap and washcloth in one ex foliating thing-a-ma-bob! There are also a plethora of video tutorials on YouTube if you are a more visual learner. But, if you want my basic they are:

1) Wrap strips of wool around soap, making sure all sides of soap are covered with wool.
2) Fill large bowl or sink basin with hot water.
3) Scoop a generous amount of hot water into your hands and slowly pour over wool covered soap.
4) Continue adding water until you feel soap is fully saturated.
5) Use the palms of your hands to rub all sides of soap (this helps the wool grad onto each other's fibers and shrink down).
6) Continue for longer than you think you need to (take my word for it).
7) When wool has "felted" enough and shrunk down around the soap enough, run under cold water for a few seconds.
8) Pat dry on clean, dry towel and let dry.
9) Scrub a dub in the tub to test it out! :)

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