Thursday, June 26, 2014

Avondale: My Lovely Neighborhood

Avondale is constantly growing and expanding and it has been such a joy to watch the progress on a daily basis as a native Avondale resident. In the last week I have visited two new businesses that have opened: Boxcar Vape and MELT. 

The former is a patriotic themed vape lounge fit with board games and a video game and sports watching setup. The latter is a gourmet grilled cheese themed restaurant with ties to Birmingham's well respected Ocean and 26 restaurants. Both spaces lived up to my hopeful expectations and I definitely plan on frequenting both in the future!

These outings were also the perfect way for me to play around with my new camera!

World Cup fans hanging out during the grand opening.

American flag mural that I believe was created by the fabulous Bo Hughins

Menu of vape favors "on tap" that you can try out.

MELT has a fun cocktail menu too. Their Bloody Mary comes with a Habanero jack cheese and bacon garnish.

Fully loaded fries (with BBQ pulled pork, cheese, and grilled smoky jalapeƱos).

House made condiments...yummy.

The delicious Ham and Swiss grilled cheese with Honey Lavendar butter!

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