Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Kitchen Rug

I picked up a super fun woven rug at the thrifty today. It is brand new, never used, tags still attached. They actually had a bunch of them in different colors and sizes. I was tempted to pick up several, but I resisted the urge! If you live in the Birmingham area and want one of your own, go down to the Mission Possible thrift store in Irondale.

I am excited too because all of the rugs I had previously used in front of my kitchen sink weren't washer/dryer compatible. Therefore, they would just get nasty and end up in the trash. I have been without for a while because I hadn't found any I liked and Luna has been sad about it too. She usually goes straight to the kitchen rug for her morning stretches. As soon as I put this one down, she ran straight to it. It looks like they are getting along (rug and dog that is). I think they are both adorable!

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