Sunday, August 1, 2010

Chalkboard Paint Fun

Chalkboard paint is so much fun to play with. It takes something we all remember and love-chalkboards-and allows you turn virtually anything into one! You can buy chalkboard paint in spray paint form or in a can. I suggest using the can for larger projects and the spray paint for larger projects. I found a quart paint can of the stuff for about $15 and the spray paint kind for around $4. Check your local hardware store.

You can paint almost any surface with it from glass, to wood, to metal. I had some metal sheets cut at a laser cuter and made some chalk boards that are magnetic (I used a grinder to get texture on the edges).

I also spray-painted some left over paint stirs I picked up for free at the hardware store and turned them into garden stakes.

You can tape of an area off on a jar or cannister with blue painter's tape and spray with chalkboard paint. You end up with a storage container that you can erase and re-label at your convenience!

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