Friday, March 4, 2011

Prickly Stickly!

A couple of my lady friends, April and Lorey, invited me on an adventure to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens to enjoy the beautiful weather and sights on the afternoon of my birthday. My younger students (Kindergarten-2nd graders) have been working on chalk pastel cactus drawings for a couple of weeks, so I was inspired to take a few pictures of cactus plants and other plants in the succulent family to share with them. I decided to share them with you guys too!
I have also been taking my own personal inventory of which cactus plants and succulents are my favorites because I am in the process of leveling out some ground in my back yard to build a patio and I wanted to incorporate some into the design. (Check out the funky "coral aloe" plant below).


  1. Hey Lindsay, your blog looks great - I will come back often. Put a link to your blog on your facebook profile under info., this is how I get to several awesome blogs, because I always forget the addresses. Love you, Kim

  2. Thanks! I will try and put a link under my profile info...I didn't know about that. Love you too! Good to hear from you! :)