Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Succulent Living Picture

It isn't a secret how much I love succulent plants. Skimming through the internet looking for garden inspirations, I found the coolest way to present your little succulent buddies...a living picture frame! You can buy kits online (but they are pretty pricey). So, I think I am going to try and build some myself. I found a pretty decent tutorial at sunset.

After they have been been growing in the frame from 4-8 weeks you can actually hang or lean them vertically. How cool! Aren't the beautiful?


  1. Oh, beautiful! That is such a good idea... I love succulents, especially those ones that grow "babies." That's crazy (yet awesome) how you can hang up the frame eventually!!!

  2. Yeah, I think the ones that grow "babies" are called Hen and Chick. I love those too, and I love flapjacks. I went on a hunt for a premade picture frame to do this with this weekend, but I am thinking it will be more cost effective and durable just to build one myself out of treated lumber. We'll see...