Monday, March 7, 2011

Russian Nesting Dolls

I always seem to get into things right before they become a big trend. Maybe I should have been a "trend forecaster" like my friend Kiki. Maybe I'm connected to the strings that tie our global cultures together by some ethereal goop. Maybe not.

One of the trends that I am seeing more and more of that I absolutely love and adore are the Russian nesting dolls (sometimes called stacking dolls, babushka dolls or matryoshka dolls). Whatever you call them, they are fun to play with and as cute as a button!

Aside from the traditional stacking dolls, they have started popping up in many forms: magnets, stamps, pillows, textile patterns, measuring cups, jewelry, and more. Check out some of the ones I have and other that are on my wish list...(in order of appearance: stamps, costmetics bag, pillows, bedspread, bitchin' tattoo, white measuring cups, pendant, christmas tree ornaments).

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