Tuesday, July 27, 2010


My doormat that welcomes each guest at the front door had gotten pretty shabby (and not in the chic way). It is one that is made up of some sort of organic fiber like straw or hemp. All of the original colors had faded. I had looked at many stores for a new doormat, but hadn't found any neat enough or cheap enough to validate buying.

So, I decided to try and re-purpose my old door mat with some good old spray paint. I started by trying to use doilies as a sort of stencil, but the detail didn't want to show up so I eventually just ended up free-hand spraying. The results are some sort of cross between contemporary genius and something a kid could do; but I like it!

close-up of finished project


  1. This is a fantastic idea, you've inspired me! How's it holding up?

  2. Holding up retty well actually...glad you like it!