Monday, July 26, 2010

Owl Watercolors

I collect owls and have quite a few of them around my house. There was a count started at one point that reached 82 I think; however there has to be more than 100. As much as I love owls, they have rarely made it into my artwork.

I painted three owl watercolors. These were a lot of fun to draw and a little tedious painting since I am trying to learn how to be a more patient artist and work on more detailed and smaller projects. I enjoyed it and think I learned a lot about watercolors!





  1. I like all of these but I voted for Lydia, all the patterns in each drawing look so intricate with the eyes and the feathers. The drawings show more complexity the more you examine them and your patience really shows with all of these.

  2. Thanks! Lydia is my favorite too! I think I might get a modified version of her as a tattoo. I think I would really like the pattern of Carl's wings on her.