Friday, July 23, 2010

Record Bowls

Making record bowls is a fun and easy craft project. It's cheap too! I found a thrift store on my commute home from work that sells records for 25 cents a piece.

  • Set your oven to a low temperature (150-200 degrees)
  • Place a small cereal bowl that is oven-safe upside down on the top rack
  • Let bowl sit in oven for about ten minutes to warm up
  • Center record on top of bowl and close oven door
  • After about one minute (it doesn't take long, so don't leave the kitchen) take record out. Be careful because it is probably a little hot. If the record hasn't slumped down to resemble a bowl after a minute leave it in a little longer, but it shouldn't take much longer than a minute.
  • Place record bowl on counter to harden. This also does not take long at all, so if you want to alter the edges work fast.
  • You can leave record bowl as is or use your fingers to create a more organic shape with the warm scalloped edges
These make great gifts and can be used as catchalls (to collect the junk in your pocket at the end of the day), candy bowls, or you can leave them alone to make a sculptural statement. I have even hung them on the walls before to spice up a boring wall!

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