Monday, June 13, 2011

DIY Earring Holder

How cute is this earring holder? Very! And it was so simple and easy to make. It only requires 2 supplies and 2 tools; and it only takes about 2o minutes of your time. You could spend endless hours organizing your earrings on it into various combinations, but that is all on you! Plus, I really like the look of chicken wire and have really been drawn to octagon inspired shapes recently. I have even seen cabinets in farmhouse inspired kitchens that use chicken wire in the cabinets.

I have already found that I utilize more of my jewelry since making these because I can actually see what I have when I am getting ready. Before, I would just wear my regular go-to's because they were on top of the pile and I didn't really have time to dig around and look for the perfect pair.

What you will need:
  1. Chicken Wire (I got a 24ft x 12in roll for about $6 at my local hardware store)
  2. Wire cutters
  3. Picture Frame (Picked up two for $1 at the thrifty)
  4. Heavty Duty hand-held staple gun (like the kind used for upholstery)
  1. Take backing off of picture frame and discard of glass, matte, backing and whatever hideous picture might be in there.
  2. Lay picture frame down onto rolled out piece of chicken wire to see how much wire you need to trim off.
  3. Use wire cutters to cut a piece of chicken wire slightly smaller than the frame.
  4. Use staple gun to secure chicken wire to the back of picture frame.
  5. Hang on wall and fill with your favorite earrings!
**You can adhere felt pads on the back of frame if you are worried about the rough wire edges damaging your walls.

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