Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chill It!

We are leaving for the beach tomorrow, and I couldn't be more excited! I was looking through Rachel Ray's magazine a couple of weeks ago and came across this must have "chill it" bag that holds 6 drinks. Too often I show up at a friend's place for a get together and there is no room in the fridge for my beer because it is already full. So, my poor 6-pack is left all by itself on the counter to become warm an unappetizing. Gross! No, more! Now, I can chill it in my bag and just leave it on the counter. They come in green and blue. I ordered one of each. I will be trying them out for the first time on our beach trip. I ordered it from this nifty website mxyplyzyk. (It also comes in a taller thinner design; suitable for toting chilled wine). Check out their website, they have lots of great gift ideas and whimsical tid-bits.


  1. definitely let me know how this goes!

  2. Reporting back. Took these to the beach this weekend and to be honest it was so hot that it didn't do a great job at keeping the drinks cold (not for very long at least). I think that if you put them in a cooler, it would work in replacement of ice, but you definitely need the extra insulation.

    I probably won't take them back to the beach. I am hoping they will be better for taking to friends, with air conditioning.

    Side/sad note. Handle broke on one of them second time I used them. Final analysis, very cool looking, not very durable; maybe worth it if the price was lower.