Thursday, July 28, 2011

Western Leather Purse

During my recent trip to New Orleans, Liz and I hit up a couple of local thrifties and got some great finds. She found the cutest 80's swimsuit and a funky vintage red dress (pleats and all). I got some cool items to display my jewelry, a gorgeous milk glass bowl, a squirrel and nut ceramic container, and more (so much cool stuff, I might have to post it all)! The best find though, is the Native-American/Western leather purse I got. It was originally priced at $7, but Pelican Thrift where I got it has half off of clothes and accessories on Thursdays. So, I got this gem for a grand total of $3.50. I'm including a picture of the back, because it has a super cool profile of a Native-American in headdress!
Even better, we went to Urban Outfitters later that day, where I found a not vintage version for $130. I'd say I got a deal!

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  1. Pelican Thrift is awesome! We went there this weekend too and I got a pair of green jeans for $9. I had been wanting a pair of colored jeans and at Urban Outfitters they cost $58!