Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tokyo Milk

Tokyo Milk makes some great perfumes, lotions, lip balms, etc. Honestly, they are one of the few perfumeries that has grabbed the attention of my nostrils and nose devices in a long time! Their scents are so exotic and multi-dementional. I love their all of their products really, and I love even more how I tend to find them at small locally owned boutique and vintage jewelry shops here in town (like Zoe's Consignment boutique in Forest Park, Birmingham and Charm on 2nd Ave. North's "2nd Row.") I find it not only boosts the economy, but also your consumer self-esteem to shop local. Sure, you can get them online, but you won't save much money, especially considering you have to pay shipping. So, support your local businesses.

I bought one of their perfume solids, in the scent Marie No. 56 (the scent reminds me of a contemporary take on the floral rose scents, think Victorian). Perfume solids are great because the scent is concentrated into a waxy/oily solid that lasts a long time once applied. It is also great for travelling or tossing into your purse because it doesn't take up much space and there isn't much of a chance of it leaking! Some of my other favorite scents are Poe's Tobacco, Sencha Bleu No. 57, Kabuki, and Sparrow.

Also, take note of their gorgeous labeling. Each product is like its own cabinet of curiosity. Viva la Wunderkammer!

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  1. I think the solids go a long way toward preventing over-scenting one's self. I don't usually like perfumes much at all, but Tokyomilk is very pleasant to me.