Wednesday, July 16, 2014

High Speed Train to Xi'an

We boarded a high speed bullet train from Beijing to Xi'an.  The trip that would normally take a around 18 hours on a regular train only took 5 1/2 on this speed train.

For the first half of the journey we passed countryside and many small cities popping up that show signs of the rapid growth of China with many cranes and tall buildings going up...

Lots of farm land...

A factory city?

As we got closer to our arrival to Xi'an the mountains began to make a debut in the passing landscapes.

Once we arrived in Xi'an we saw signs of a large city, but there was definitely a contrast between Xi'an and Beijing. The buildings here seemed to all look similar as opposed to the variety of architecture in Beijing.  Xi'an, being a smaller city in comparison, was also visibly cleaner.

The power lines were crazy!

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