Saturday, July 12, 2014

Teahouse Variety Show

We visited the Laoshe Teahouse for an evening show. We got to experience Chinese opera, theatrical dances, Sichuan opera face changing,  puppet show and more. At this Teahouse you get an old 
glimpse into "Old Beijing" before the cultural revolution and even in some instances performances that incorporate traditional garb and themes from Imperial times; yet many of the lyrics or topics in songs sing or poems recited hit on more modern lifestyles (the picture above is of my roommate Leah and I standing out front of the Teahouse.  She teaches music at a K-8 school in Chicago).

The loose leaf tea here was very potent!

A snapshot of the playful hand shadow puppet show.

A woman sings a story about the village in the Chinese Opera style

A giant Chinese zodiac style rabbit lights the lobby when you enter the Teahouse.

Clara smiles as Erin responds to the cloyingly sweet treat she just experienced!

A variety of lanterns light the room

A theatrical sword show...

A man performs the traditional Sichuan mask changing or face changing opera act

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