Monday, July 7, 2014

The Great Wall

Here I am in all my sweaty victorious glory!

We made the trek up to the section of the Great Wall located outside of Beijing that was a stronghold during the Ming dynasty.  The benefit of getting up there early in the morning was that it was slightly less hot...the downside is that the fog was thick so it was hard to capture a great photo.

There were lots of little side openings where you could catch a glimpse of beautiful mountain vistas.  I wasn't able to capture a picture of them, but there were lots of dragonflies buzzing around!

We rode the cable lift up, did a two hour hike on the wall and got to dry our sweaty brows with the breeze on our way down the toboggan!  Check out my video above!


  1. I was hoping to find out if you ran into the couple tobogganing in front of you!!!

  2. No! And it looked like a couple, but each toboggan seat is single. We had handle bars bars that we could push forward to go faster and pull back to break. I liked going fast, so I often got close, but no collisions! :)