Friday, July 11, 2014

Wangfujing Market

Some of us went out on an excursion on our own and got to experience the metro as well as the crowded Wangfujing market.  When you first enter the market you are bombarded with a multitude of bizarre smells and exotic foods. The boys in our group were determined to chow down on some of the unique food offerings; which included scorpions, silkworms, spiders, seahorse, and entire squids. I am proud to say I was brave enough to try a silkworm that was offered to me by fellow art fulbrighter, Gerry.  It was not tasty to my taste buds, but it wasn't terrible either!

Entering the busy market

Hundreds of vendors are jammed into the market shouting deals and reaching out to grab your attention...

Reams of fabric line the walls in a store front.

Walk right up and pick out which delicacy you would like to eat! :)

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