Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lama Temple

Visiting the Lama Temple offered a very different perspective into Chinese culture and daily practices.  It was actually quite refreshing to see so many people, even young people, excercising their religious beliefs (especially those connected to Tibetan Buddhism).

In the above picture you can see the temple behind the statue of what I am assuming is a representation of Mt. Kailash, but don't quote me on that.  You can see the smoke from the incense offerings billowing up around the statue; a nice reminder that this temple is a living temple and is actually in use as opposed to just a archeological site.

The art and Buddha statues combine both Han Chinese and Tibetan styles.

I am spinning the Tibetan prayer wheel...

People holding their bundles of incense into the hot flames to light them.

A group kneels down in front of the entrance to one of the many temple shrines and prostrate themselves.

Three Buddhas or bodhisattvas line the back wall of this temple room...

The last room holds the largest of the Buddha statues and is craved from a singular piece of Sandalwood.

I tossed in a small US coin and one Chinese yuan cent coin.

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