Saturday, July 6, 2013

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery

We met the fabulously informative and charming Andrea Fisher.  She welcome us into her gallery and told us a little about how she came to develop relationships with some of the various artists she carries in her gallery.  What I loved about her gallery is that each section is divided up by Pueblo with maps and names of the artists.  Her gallery focuses on utilitarian Pueblo sculpture with a majority of what she carries being pottery.

Virgil Ortiz from the Cochiti Pueblo.  Andrea told us a story about how long ago a circus bus broke down right outside the Cochiti Pueblo.  The Cochiti Pueblo people invited them, fed them, and spent time with them.  You can see how this experience is embedded in some of his figures.

Diego Romero.  I love the alien and outerspace theme here.

Thomas Natseway miniatures.  These are incredible!  Each one is no bigger than my thumb and many have intricate tiny stoppers.

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  1. I don't think they could have dragged me out of this place! Everything looks incredible.