Sunday, July 7, 2013

Santo Domingo Pueblo

We had the great honor to visit the secluded Santo Domingo Pueblo.  It is about a 30 minute drive South of Santa Fe.  Raymond and Gabby Tenerio invited us into their home, which was built in the traditional Adobe Pueblo style in the 1940's by their parents.  Raymond is a jeweler, but has also been busy serving on the Tribal governing council for his Pueblo.  That responsibility lasted a year and included meetings every night.  Gabby, his wife, cooked us a lovely meal with delicious red chile and traditional bread cooked in the outdoor oven, or Horno.  There were lots of other delicious treats including a bread pudding for dessert and a very tasty tea made from a plant that grows wild nearby.  There are no pictures permitted outside the Pueblo, but the Tenerios graciously invited us to take pictures within their home.

Gabby and I

Lisa with the sweet Bambi

Ceiling beams that were cut by previous generation and used when family worked together to build the Pueblo home.

Interesting look in the modern and the ancient co-mingling...

Bread baked in the Horno outdoor oven

Bread pudding

Tom showing young Kayla, how to use a camera

I love the colors of this weaving and how it plays on the colors in the animal fur hanging on top of it...

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