Friday, July 5, 2013

MoCNA: Museum of Contemporary Native Arts

MoCNA: Museum of Contemporary Native Arts is a lovely small museum located in Old Santa Fe right across from the Cathedral.  Currently they have a lovely exhibit highlighting contemporary Native Women artists.  It was curated by Ryan Rice.  Here are some pictures from the exhibit titled Stands with a Fist.

Wailers by Natalie Ball

Lindsay Delaronde created the pictures in background of this shot that are reminiscent of Andy Warhol

Honoring Modern Unidentified by Gina Adams (oil and encausitc on ceramic)

Sculpture by Melanie Yazzie (I love the layers of shadows and the plays on negative and positive space)

another intricate piece by Natalie Ball

She Drinks Mens Teeth by Merrit Johnson
Honoring Loss Paintings by Gina Adams

Quotes that accompanied a performance film by Tanya Lukin Linklater

mural in courtyard by Nani Chacon

At the end there is a viscerally beautiful and poetic documentary titled "Apache Chronicle" directed by Nanna Dalunde.  I only had time to see 10-15 minutes of it; however I hope to see the rest because it the little bit I saw was very moving.  The experimental documentary follows 5 bold women chronicling their art and daily lives; making connections to their collective Apache skateboards, street art, and performances.

"The paintbrush, the camera, the loom, - these are the new weapons." ~Lynette Haozous

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