Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weaving Studio Project

Weaving is traditional art-form of many Native American peoples.  We all worked on various types of weavings.  Some people made regular up and down weavings using a standard loom, while others worked circular weavings or wrap around weavings that will be turned into pouches later.  I have had no weaving experience prior to this workshop, so I decided to do the standard loom.

Supplies ready to build warp onto loom.

Limited 3 hue color palette of yarn and completed warp on loom

CRIZMAC's Stevie Mack demonstrating how to  do various knots and patterns.

I love the abstract, painterly quality of the one on the right.

Yarn dye chart from a previous workshop.

Catya showing me her circular weaving in progress.

My weaving a little halfway done.  I incorporated tabby,  Egyptian,  Sumac,  and other knots...

Look how hard I'm concentrating! :)

Finished weavings!!!


  1. I want to do this. It looks like fun. Yours turned out really good.

  2. Thanks! It's actually quite simple and theraputic (and I enjoyed it much more than knitting)...maybe I can show you sometime!