Saturday, July 6, 2013

Young Natives Art Fair

Some of the children of Pueblo peoples from this area exhibited their artwork in the courtyard inside the Palace of the Governers in Santa Fe.  I walked around looking at some of their artwork and was astonished not only at how talented they were, but also with how polite, mature, and friendly they all were.  Many of the mothers of the children looked on proudly as their sons and daughters told us about their technique and process.  Most of the children have grown up learning these artforms that were passed down from generation of generation of ancestors.  A large majority of the young artists there today were from the Santo Domingo Pueblo and were showcasing their intricate inlaid stone jewelry as well as metal pieces.
Larry (12 years old), with two sisters (9 and 3) posing by their creations.  The adorable three year old did the vibrant paintings.  The older two made the beautiful jewelry in the picture below.

Shane (young native jeweler) who is only 17 has been creating beautiful inlaid stone jewelry for many years.  When he turns 18 he gets the honored chance to create his own artist signature and exhibit out in front of the Palace of the Governers.  Linda, Catya, and I got a picture with him.

Clayton, 16 years old and his mom wrapping up some beautiful hammered  "red brass" earrings that he made. They have a buffalo in the center which symbolizes strength.

My necklace made by the young artist Shane.  Each family has a unique style.  This one has silver slits dividing the stone inlay pieces.  The silver glistens in the sun and adds contrast to the surrounding colors.  The stones include turquoise, apple coral, lapis, abalone, and others.


  1. The necklace is beautiful. I'm sure it was hard to pick just one. I might have had to take out a loan and purchase extra luggage before i left! I would want it all!

  2. I know, I am having to restrain myself with the buying. It was really hard at this event because everything was made by the kids and they were all so talented. I am also going to the International Folk Art Market in a few days so trying to save some of my spending money for that!